Looking for the best lighting solutions for school, hospital, new build applications, or office space? Why don’t you go for the best panel light manufacturer and supplier in China? We have the best of them all! Yes, we can make your day bright with our super quality LED panel lights at wholesale price.

Our cutting-edge LED panel lights can transform your space, they’re specifically designed to provide uniform light distribution and bright illumination. Our ceiling panels include remarkable glowing viability accomplished by using ultra-brilliant SMD LEDs, offer visual solace with the astounding light-control plate.

Our provided panel lights are affordable, proficient, and long-lasting, these lights can provide up to 100,000 hours of consistent lighting with very little lumen reduction throughout the years. Overall, the panels can range between 50,000 and 70,000 hours, or on the other hand up to 5 years of ceaseless utilization. Whenever utilized legitimately, it offers delayed timeframe and still be as productive as a new one.

Features, benefits, & Specifications of Panel Light Manufacturer

Being a reputable panel light manufacturer, we believe in providing a multi-featured product that is rich in benefits, and technical specifications such as;

Benefits of LED Panel Light Manufacturer

The most highlighting benefit of getting the best-LED panel lights manufacturer is, we design them in such a way that it delivers a glare-free illumination, thus being suitable for hospitals and other clinical settings.

Moreover, it also doesn’t need expensive labor and maintenance costs as panels stay cool to touch regardless of being used for tens of hours in a row. This aspect takes much attention, as these panels remove the need for ventilation by preventing over-heating, and it also reduces the risk of fire.

Features of Panel Lights

LED Panel Light manufacturer are energy-saving: Our LED panel lights are highly energy efficient, possesses ultra-low power consumption, and saves more than 70% than traditional energy sources.

LED panel light is green: These lights are safe for environment as it doesn’t throw any ultraviolet ray or infrared ray that could affect the environment or home surroundings, no heat, and no radiation. It is pure green lighting which is safe to touch.

Additional features include:

  • Dimmable lights.
  • Comes with remote-controlled sensors.
  • Rechargeable lights (systems depends on solar power to deliver light).
  • Our further advanced panels also comprise of sound activation feature.